Studio Session #4 & Final Tracks

Faith Head wrapped up the last of the loose ends in the studio at Audiotopia in Nashville, TN on November 13th. Barring anything major that comes out of the mixing and mastering process, the album will be scheduled for a holiday release date to be determined. Here are the tracks on the album.

For Digital Distribution these are the ten tracks:


Freak Show



Going to the Mountain


The Walk

Under the Blood

Crawl Back In

Gotta Live It

The printed CD with feature two bonus tracks which one is an acoustic version of “The Walk” and a secret track. Prior to the release, Faith Head will release this secret track for FREE. In order to know where to download this secret track you will have to be on the band’s mailing list on Reverbnation.
Faith Head would like to thank Curtis Erdek at Audiotopia for all his hardwork on making our debut album a success. His experience and expertise in engineering and music composition helped milk more out of us than we thought possible. We wish we had more money and time to spend to take the album further but we know you, the fans, have been waiting a long time for it. Once everything is complete, we will let you know where you can download the album, and if you prefer, how to buy the printed CD version with the bonus tracks. Thank you all for your patience and God bless!

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