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2020 Grizzly Awards

The Grizzly Awards nominated Faith Head for “Classic Metal” Song of the Year! Please take a minute to ROCK the VOTE because it is all about the FANS VOTING.

Many of our friends and fellow rockers are nominated in other categories. We’d appreciate your support of The Grizzly Awards!

At least you know this is one election where your vote will truly count!

New ALbum – Born AGAIN!

Why “Born Again”?

Back in October 2016 when the band entered the studio to record our debut album “Are you a Faith Head?” many of the songs were in their infancy. Faith Head hadn’t developed its sound yet. After the last four years of live performances, line-up changes and growing as song
writers and performers, the songs evolved and our sound developed
on the stage through trial and error.

As we prepared to go in the studio to write our new music, we recorded these songs as a test to make sure we were capturing our sound. After listening we decided to release this EP for the fans who have supported us over the years and encouraged us to continue and grow. There’s too many people to name. We hope to see you all from the stage soon. God bless you all!

— Adam, Donny, Brian, Dale & PFunk

Revolution (3:15)
Freak Show (3:01)
Push (3:24)
Burn (5:02)
Going to the Mountain (4:01)
Jehovah-jireh (4:39)
Wait and See (3:29)

The EP is available digitally worldwide on February 10th!

OR click here to order the CD today:

Click here to pre-save the digital streaming options as they become available:

Special Guest Vocalist – Jason Beavers on Going to the Mountain & Wait and See
Mixed by Stephen Leiweke at Yackland Studio
Born Again Album Cover Artwork by Rogue Design
Live Photos by Chad Fenner of Concert Fotos
Inside right photo by OSPH & B.C. Graphics
Album Layout by PFunk1975
Special thanks to Bruce Bennett at Judah Guitar Shop / Hot Rod Guitars

Chains Unchained 2020

We made our debut at Chains Unchained on July 24th 2020! First on deck at 6pm the band launched in to a 30 minute set of fury.

Thank you Chad Fenner with Concert Fotos for the great pictures! Special thanks to Daniel Streety for joining us on stage for “Revolution” and Wayne Nale for having us fill in for The Persuaded who couldn’t make it. We hope you all enjoyed our performance and to see you all next year in 2021!

New Vocalist – Adam Reed

Adam Reed – new vocalist for Faith Head

Hey Faith Heads – we’ve made you wait long enough. Faith Head gladly announces Adam Reed is the new vocalist of the band. We thank all who responded and those that auditioned. Everyone give Adam at #shoutout below.

Faith Head – Praise Fest 2020 – Lewisburg TN

Adam’s first show was Praise Fest 2020 in Lewisburg, TN this past May where he put on an awesome performance worthy of his predecessors.

After thorough examination .. we think Adam was best for the vocalist position.

You can hear Adam on our new single “Wait & See” for our forthcoming album “Born Again” on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc on July 10th from here:

If you can’t wait that long you can download it digitally on July 3rd on Bandcamp here:

Special thanks to Jason Beavers as a special guest vocalist and Stephen Lewieke for mixing our new single.

Our next live performance will be Saturday July 11 in Huntsville AL at Madison Station. We have some more dates on the calendar but be sure to check our BandsInTown schedule for those dates.

Transforming Your City 2019

Faith Head made their Florida debut at the Transforming Your City event in Melbourne at the Space Coast State Fair on Saturday November 16th. The band headlined with rapper KD3 and the queens of #beautycore Gold Frankincense & Myrrhh!

It was a cold, windy day in Florida with intermittent sprinkles of rain but nothing dampened our spirits or that of the crowd. Here are some shots from the show if you missed it.

Thank you to Joseph “JoJo” Smith for filling in for Donny. Specials thanks to Kerry Fink of Transforming Your City and Todd Jennings with Fridays with Alice for having us. Faith Head is proud to be a part of this evangelistic effort. We’re looking forward to come back in 2020 at the May event!

Incomplete 2019

Faith Head rocking Incomplete 2019

Faith Head rocked the stage again for the 3rd weekend in a row at New Salem Baptist Church in Soddy TN for Incomplete a teen suicide prevention rally designed to educate and bring awareness to the growing epidemic their home state. If you missed PFunk’s YouTube message you can watch it right here.

It was a great pleasure for us to take the stage again with SoulGate 7 and the Deux Hommes crew from the rap & hip-hop collective Natural Habitz. It was a great culmination of Christian worship, rock, metal and rap in one diverse evening of music and message.

Our friend and brother in Christ, David Weathers, brought a powerful message about his struggles with depression from his troubled childhood and his failed suicide attempt. A true testimony of the life altering power in the Holy Spirit through a belief in Jesus Christ ..

Thank you all who came out and supported us and the Incomplete event this weekend. The event had a great turn out and things went pretty smoothly. Thank you Katie Beth for the pictures!

If you, your church or organization would like have an INCOMPLETE Event at your location, please contact them via Facebook or you can email them here. #teensuicide #suicideawares #suicideprevention

Nehemiah Fest 2019

Faith Head returned to the Spirit Stage at Nehemiah Fest 2019! It was great to see so many familiar faces and make some new friends as well. Here are some photos from the show.

This show we had a special guest for “Revolution” this past weekend. Bred 4 War’s Daniel Streety brought the brutal to the stage for an unforgettable performance. If you’ve not heard of them, go check out their music! They are legit warriors for Christ who played a killer set on the main stage earlier that day!

The Ignite Festival Part 2 – The Fans

There is a reason why we love the Ignite Festival in Meadville, PA: the fans. Most of the time the band plays in front of a hostile secular audience in our mission to share the Gospel through music but occasionally its nice to be play for our brothers and sisters in Christ who understand and appreciate what we’re doing.

Getting to play on stage is FUN and joyous as we get to lift up the name of Jesus Christ and the Gospel through our God given talents but that only last 30 – 45 minutes and sometimes an hour but getting to meet the fans off stage is a great time and makes doing ALL THIS worth it for us.

Two years in a row, the volunteers and the festival goers have embraced us and encouraged us to stay the course and in tribute to our fans THIS is for you!

If you have a photo of us from Ignite Festival of US with YOU, please email us and we’ll ADD IT to this post! We’d love to see it.

People ask us – WHO ARE YOUR FANS? Well .. simply .. everyone .. male and female .. young and old. We love them ALL!

No doubt we will sign anything you put in front of us. We don’t care what it is within reason (body parts excluded) if it will make you happy and remember us in your prayers we’ll put our signatures on anything.

Look .. we’re not rock stars. We’re people just like everyone else. We’re nobodies from nowhere who God gave some talent and opportunities to do what we do best.

Thank you Nathan Foreman for taking most of these photos and those of you who aren’t getting photo credit .. it’s PFunk’s fault.

PLEASE at any Faith Head show come by and talk to us! We want to meet YOU! God bless you ALL!

Ignite Festival 2019

Faith Head can’t express enough how great and what a pleasure it was to rock the stage at the Ignite Festival again in Meadville, PA!

There were so many familiar faces that were great to see again and so many new ones we were excited to meet. Hopefully we got some good video footage to share on our YouTube channel for you to watch later but for now enjoy these photos from the event.

Thank you Candi Benek with Candi Benek Photography and Holli Waddell with Freedom Expressions Photography for the photos.

If you have any photos that you took at the festival please send them to us. We would love to see them. We hope to see you all again in 2020! Let the Ignite Festival know you want to see us too!