Freak Show

You’ve got to dot your I’s and cross your T’s

This communication will bring you to your knees

I’ll show you a new way to see the true way

Not perceived by your eyes but by true faith

Guitars raging and the bass so low

You can gain the whole world and lose your soul

So, stand up your about to receive salvation

So just believe


Turn up the radio

Turn it up till the speakers blow

Turn up the radio

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the freak show


Pseudo-intellectual with your hollow soul

Stop do you really think you’re in control

Look in the mirror tell me what do you see

I see a fool staring back at me

But you just keep digging, dig, dig down deep

The harvest is ready you’ve got nothing to reap

It’s time to wake up and look around

You’re standing so tall while all your brothers hit the ground

Freak Show Words & Music by Faith Head Copyright 2016 ©

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