Under the Blood

As in the days of Noah

We’ve come full circle

As humanity’s time winds down

 A race of violent, sadistic, indecent,

Deceitful, sacrilegious, reprobate thugs

 No scientific theory or grand epiphany

Will save your soul from what’s to come


God’s wrath won’t escape you

Only horror awaits you

Just one can save you

Under the blood


As in the days Noah

Blaring with all the warnings

As normalcy bias reigns supreme

 A generation of resistant, indifferent,

Repentless, sardonic sociopaths

 When the fire begins to fall

No one will hear their calls

As the scythe of the harvest

Swings down


As in the days of Noah

No one heeds the prophet’s words

Until the end when it’s too late

 A culture of conceited, indolent,

Delusional, depraved, sycophantic drones

 In the blink of an eye

God’s wrath draws nigh

As the seven seals are torn away

Under the Blood Words & Music by Faith Head Copyright 2016 ©

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